Ramaskrik Film Festival named one of the 30 best genre film festivals in the world!

Today, after a successful festival, came the message; The MovieMaker magazine in California puts Ramaskrik on the list of "The 30 Bloody Best Genre Fests in the World".

Only eight festivals from Europe are listed. The listed is put together of an expert panel of seven industry professionals within our genre. The magazine mentions itself as "the world's most widely read independent film magazine».
Ramskrik is featured alongside London FrightFest, Midnight Madness in Toronto, Sitges in Barcelona, ??Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal and Night Visions in Helsinki. This is absolutely raw!

We’re at a loss for words. Just read this:

«It’s one thing to watch scary movies in a neighborhood theater, but for a truly otherworldly experience, try Ramaskrik, set in the Norwegian region where the found-footage favorite Trollhunter was lensed, and where sheep outnumber people by more than six to one. 

“This festival takes place in beautiful Oppdal, at a culture house in a small town surrounded by breathtaking mountains,” a panelist describes. “This is truly an outskirts festival, but the attendance is great, as genre fans from all over Norway travel to it. Ramaskrik has what may be among the best lineups I have experienced on the circuit, with super-exclusive premieres that I simply can’t fathom how they arrange.” He’s not kidding; this year, organizers Bente Maalen and Morten Haagensen snagged Halloween, Lars von Trier’s The House That Jack Built, the Japanese buzz-builder One Cut of the Dead, and more.»

Ramaskrik 2018 has just ended. With record attendance and very good feedback from the audience and invited filmmakers, we are now extremely motivated to show ourselves worthy of the recognition from MovieMakers Magazine at next year's festival from October 17th through 20th 2019.

Welcome to one of the world's 30 best horror festivals

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