About Ramaskrik

Once upon a time a guy named Wilhelm had a dream to create a horror film festival. Just blood and gore and terror for several days straight. His colleagues Torbjørn and Bente loved the idea, but they had no venue. The project was shelved, but regularly talked about over lunch.

One day they got the great idea that a mountain village had to be an ideal location for a horror film festival, and Morten at Oppdal Cinema was contacted. He had been thinking about the same thing and was on fire. Emails flew over the mountain and suddenly Ramskrik Oppdal a reality.

Ticket information

All Access: NOK 650
Single Tickets (remember to buy the Festival Pass): NOK 110

Tickets and passes to Ramaskrik can be purchased online.

All screenings have free seating. Most films have English speaking or English subtitles. The age limit is 15yrs, with the exception of a few films. The age limit is absolute.

Everyone must either purchase the Festival Pass or an All Access Pass. When purchasing a festival pass tickets for each individual screening must be purchased additionally.

Festival hotel

We are proud to present Skifer Hotel as our official festival accommodation. The hotel is located just five minutes from the movie theatre in Oppdal.

Rates incl.breakfast for Ramaskrik participants. Single room 840 NOK, double room 940 NOK. Book by contacting Hotel Skifer via e-mail post@skiferhotel.no or calling +47 73 60 50 80 with booking-code RAMASKRIK

Ramaskrik Train

In collaboration with one of our dear festival partners, the Norwegian State Railways, you can catch a discounted ride with the Ramaskrik Train! Book your ticket for your departure from either Oslo Central Station or Trondheim Central Station and get in the perfect mood for the festival! There will be goodie bags for the Ramaskrik passengers, activities. You only pay half price of full price for this train ride so it is a great offer!

Booking is done by sending an e-mail to dovrebanen@nsb.no with the booking code «Ramaskrik»


We unfortunately do not have the resources to translate all our film summaries, but you can always try the Google Translate-version by clicking here:

Google Translated Ramaskrik program


If you have any questions, send an email to Bente @ ramaskrik.no and she will help you the best she can.

Hope to see you in Oppdal!

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