Short Films at Ramaskrik 2019

These 7 shorts will be accompanying select features.

Creaker (Norway)
5 min. Director: Vidar T. Aune

A girl is woken up by her creaking bedroom door.

Will be shown before Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary on Friday 18.10. at 22:30 and Sunday 20.10. at 12:50.

Don't Ever Change

Don’t Ever Change (USA)
10 min. Director: Don Swaynos

A reunion between an estranged mother and daughter doesn’t go as planned when a young man with a very special request comes knocking.

Will be shown before Red Letter Day on Thursday 17.10. at 15:30 and Saturday 19.10. at 20:00.

A Hell to Pay

A Hell to Pay (Italy)
10 min. Director: Jacopo Ramella Pajrin

A pizza delivery man is faced with an impossible task.

Will be shown before Satanic Panic on Thursday 17.10. at 22:30 and Saturday 19.10. at 10:30.

If<Girlfriend Deluxe>

If<Girlfriend Deluxe> (UK)
7 min. Director: Steve Moss

In the future, you can order sex robots online, but everything isn’t as pleasurable as you’d like.

Will be shown before Zombieland: Double Tap on Friday 18.10. at 20:30 and Saturday 19.10. at 23:00.


Jeger (Norway)
9 min. Director: Øivind Næss

A young huntress must confront a beast of the Norwegian wild.

Will be shown before Come to Daddy on Thursday 17.10. at 22:30 and Saturday 19.10. at 20:00.

Off Fleek

Off Fleek (UK)
6 min. Director: Steven Dorrington

Online bullying can lead to terrible things.

Will be shown before Harpoon on Thursday 17.10. at 17:30 and Friday 18.10. at 15:30.


Svigerblod (Norway)
1 min. Director: Christer Steffensen

Meeting his family-in-law is scary enough, but being liked is going to be the least of his worries.

Will be shown before Spiral on Thursday 17.10. at 11:30 and Saturday 19.10. at 15:00.