Four new titles for Ramaskrik19

It looks like the summer of 2019 is over, and Ramaskrik’s programming team are putting the final touches to our festival program. We’re kicking off autumn by giving you four more of our titles!

Red Letter Day
We will be showing Cameron Macgowan’s first feature film,
Red Letter Day. The quiet suburban life starts to fall apart when everyone in the neighborhood receives a red letter with instructions to kill the person in their letter before they are killed by them. While some calmly try to find out what is going on, others of course take the opportunity to let loose some aggression. The question remains: How well do you know your neighbors?

The Golden Glove
Director Fatih Akin is known for films like
Head-On (2004) and The Edge of Heaven (2007), and his new film The Golden Glove got quite a bit of attention at this year’s Berlinale. We’ve included it in our program, and are looking forward to giving you that nasty feeling of sitting in a dirty, brown German pub in the 70s together with the ragged clientele. A serial killer is lurking in the shadows, and you won’t be comforted by the fact that this film is based on the true story of Fritz Honka.

Koko-di Koko-da
More unease awaits in Johannes Nyholm’s Koko-di Koko-da. A grieving couple is forced to relive a nightmarish camping trip over and over again. In the woods they encounter three threatening, allegorical characters that only exist to terrorize them. While he is fully aware of what is happening, she remembers nothing of it. Koko-di Koko-da is a beautiful fairytale, but also one of the darkest, most menacing movies you can see this year. What hides in the forest is much worse than you think!

Satanic Panic
After this, you’re going to need a real party movie to restore your mood, and Chelsea Stardust’s Satanic Panic is just what the doctor ordered. Pizza delivery woman Samantha is struggling economically, but sees an opportunity for a big tip when she gets a delivery to a wealthy home. When she’s disappointed, she goes to make a complaint – and ends up in the middle of a Satanic ritual. This is a fast paced black comedy about satanists, devil worship and girl power. A visual and verbal party at the cinema!