Five movies ready for Ramaskrik 19

We kick off the autumn with a magnificent movie release! Look forward to a sinister family reunion with Elijah Wood, a Brazilian splatter fest, an Australian twist on the slasher genre and a wonderful 40th anniversary!

Elijah Wood has been doing a lot of horror in recent years. Primarily through the production company SpectreVision, who were our guests in 2016, but also as an actor. In «Come to Daddy» he stars as the young frustrated hipster son visiting his father's very rural beach house. But the family’s suppressed emotions are not the only thing surfacing and the weekend ends up being less relaxing and more bloody than expected. Director Ant Timpson delivers a delightful directorial debut after producing a number of previous Ramaskrik favorites such as «Turbo Kid», «The Greasy Strangler», «Housebound» and «Deathgasm».

Can you believe it’s been 40 years since «Alien»? We mark the anniversary by screening the 1979 classic on the big screen. But we have more. Our beloved Ramaskrik friend Alexandre Phillipe has made "Memory - The Origins of Alien"; a brilliant documentary that we of course will screen. Many of you know Alexandre from his previous visits to Ramaskrik with his «Psycho» documentary «78/52» and the zombie documentary «Doc of the Dead». Now he returns alongside his co-producer Annick Mahnert. She was also the producer on «78/52» and Phillips's brand new documentary on William Friedkin, which premieres at the film festival in Venice this fall. She is also a programmer for Fantastic Fest in Austin and the Sitges Film Festival.

"Stay alive or die trying" is the tagline for «The Furies», a festival hit we are so excited to present! We like our gritty Australian horror movies so this is right up our alley. The film premiered at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival were we saw it and made sure to invite the director Tony D’Aquino, who you can meet at Oppdal! «The Furies» is his feature film debut as a director and we are mighty impressed by his effort! D'Aquino comes to us straight from Sitges where the film will have its Spanish premiere.

Last but not least: the bat-shit-crazy «Ghost Killers Vs. Bloody Mary». A Brazilian splatter that is part «Ghostbusters», part «Braindead». This is fun, fun, fun with lots of blood and other bodily fluids. This film holds nothing back!

Welcome to Ramaskrik 2019