Complete Programme for Ramaskrik 2019

Moroccan monsters, a house renovation out of the ordinary, blood thirsty fish mutants, pacts with the Devil and creepy smalltown America: The final ingredients to the horror feast of RAMASKRIK 2019 are here! These 11 titles complete the festival programme of in total 27 films being screened in 4 terrifying days. Bon appetit!

Canadian Wave
There’s a lot of great horror cinema coming out of Canada. In recent years Ramaskrik have screened Still/Born (2017), It Stains the Sand Red (2016), and What Keeps You Alive (2018). A close-knit Canadian horror scene keep delivering a number of thrilling productions.

SPIRAL (2019) is one such. Director Kurtis David Harder produces an underlying creepiness in rural USA. When asked to describe Spiral, many have mentioned Jordan Peel’s masterpiece Get Out (2017) as a point of comparison.

Brandon Christensen was last screened at Ramaskrik a couple of years back, with Still/Born. He knows his horror and is a father of young children – so naturally he has made a horror film about scary children. His new feature Z (2019) invites the viewer into an eerie world of imaginary friends who may or may not be completely imaginary after all.

Also from Canada comes HARPOON (2019) – a funny, surprising, entertaining comedy about three friends who find themselves stranded on a boat way out at sea. A refreshing addition to the festival programme, by director Rob Grant.

We have previously released the Canadian title RED LETTER DAY (2019) for which we are very excited.

Global Ghouls and British Chills
As ever, the UK has solid representation at Ramaskrik; our yearly pilgrimage to London FrightFest is paying off. A GOOD WOMAN IS HARD TO FIND (2019) is a beautiful example of a crime/thriller feature with genre elements that’s a perfect fit for our festival. British social realism crossed with top quality genre film! At time of print, this film has a score of 100 % over at Rotten Tomatoes.

THE BARGE PEOPLE (2018) is a nostalgic homage to the mutant flicks of the 1980s such as Humanoids From the Deep (1980) and C.H.U.D. (1984). This is a film with a steady build-up, pleasing retro visuals, bloody effects, and a synth score that reminds us of John Carpenter.

HERE COMES HELL (2019) is a lovely film which is at the same time an homage to the horror films of the 1930s and 40s, and a tribute to the early works of Sam Raimi. It combines stiff upper lip British high society with limitless bloody humour in one neat package.

EXTRA ORDINARY (2019) is a subtle, astute, warm and funny film, like a kind of Ken Loach approach to horror. Imagine a British version of The House of the Spirits – only even better, and far funnier! For Satanic pacts, psychic women, bitter has-been artists, and terrifying seances, look no further.

ACHOURA (2018) is a Moroccan horror film! A well-crafted feature which will provide chills down the spine for many an audience member, as well as strong emotions and a strong desire to go exploring. A Stephen King-ish film about Moroccan legends. Not to be missed!

The brothers behind Deadheads (2011) return to the big screen with witchy thrills! THE WRETCHED (2019) take us deep into the dark woods, where secrets lurk underneath every tree root. We dare you to walk the dark woods of Oppdal alone at night after watching this.

Terrible redecoration and fresh exam film
There is a seemingly never-ending amount of cabins and houses being built in and around Oppdal – so what better for our festival than a redecoration horror film? This goes out to all those hobby renovators who take on those creepy old houses… GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR (2019) is equally scary and funny, as well as providing some helpful pointers as to what is best avoided when renovating a house.

This year’s festival programme also sees a rare horror film from one of the Norwegian film schools, Westerdals. Short-ish film DOWNS OF THE DEAD tells the tale of a group of residents and employees at an institution for people with intellectual disabilities, when they find themselves face to face with the zombie apocalypse – no less. Blood and gore in glorious combination with Norwegian «danseband» music!

Previous releases
In addition to all of this, we have previously released the following information and titles:

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Lake of the Dead to open Ramaskrik
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Cold Prey in the park, director to be present
World premiere of Allodium

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