Cold Prey in Høgvangparken

Oppdal has a new park, and Ramaskrik will give it a scary initiation. On Friday October 18, after dark, we’re showing the Norwegian classic Cold Prey beneath the autumn sky. The director himself, Roar Uthaug, will be there to introduce the screening.

– Oh, it’s so fun that we can finally show Cold Prey at Ramaskrik. We’ve tried a couple of times before, but Roar Uthaug hasn’t been available until now. The director has been busy with projects like The Wave and Tomb Raider over the past few years. It’s great that he will be coming to Oppdal and Ramaskrik, says Festival Director Morten Haagensen.

Cold Prey hit like a bullet in the winter of 2006. The idyllic Leirvassbu tourist cabin in Jotunheimen was transformed into a house of horrors in Uthaug’s debut feature. 250 000 Norwegians went to see it in the cinemas, it got a marvellous international festival run, and resulted in two sequels.

– It feels very natural for us to show a slasher film from a tourist cabin. Oppdal is big on tourism and outdoor life. We have optimal surroundings with the view of Allmannberget, and it’s only a five-minute walk from the cinema, Haagensen says.

Director Roar Uthaug is looking forward to this.

– I’ve been wanting to visit Ramaskrik for a long time, so I was really happy when it finally worked out. I can’t imagine a better setting for a screening of Cold Prey than a dark autumn night outdoors in Oppdal, says Roar Uthaug.

Read up on the Norwegian Mountain Code and make the trip to our outdoor screening of Cold Prey during Ramaskrik19.