Welcome to what MovieMaker magazine thinks is one of "The 30 Bloody Best Genre Fests in the World"!

Ramaskrik Oppdal is a horror and fantasy film festival over four days. The festival takes place at Oppdal Kulturhus, that has two great movie theatres with a total capacity of 540. In addition to film screenings, we have several film introductions by Norwegian and international guests, work-in-progress presentations and short films. We are proud to have a very loyal and dedicated audience from all over the country. 2021 is our 11th edition of Ramaskrik.

Oppdal is one of the largest local councils of Mid-Norway, located in the mountains between the two great mountain regions Dovrefjell and Trollheimen. More than 55% of the area is national park or protected landscape. The place has a population figure of 6.900 people. Oppdal has the largest sheep ranges in the country with approximately 45,000 sheep in the mountains each summer. 

You might know the region better as the location for the Norwegian horror film Troll Hunter. Oppdal is just north of where the trolls live

Ramaskrik filmfestival screen about 25 movies and our goal is to present new films from all over the world. A nice combination of films with cinemarealease and the typical festivalmovies. 

Ticket information

All Access: TBA
Single Tickets: TBA

All screenings have free seating. Most films have English speaking or English subtitles. The age limit is 15yrs, with the exception of a few films. The age limit is absolute.

Film submissions

We hand pick all films and spend quite a bit of time doing research, but we might of course have missed a gem! If you have an awesome feature film or a short short film within the genre that you think we shouldn't miss, please don't hesitate to send us a screener to The films should not be much older than a year or so, and of cinema quality.

Festival hotel

We are proud to present Quality Skifer Hotel as our official festival accommodation. The hotel is located just five minutes from the movie theatre in Oppdal.

Rates incl.breakfast for Ramaskrik participants will be announced. Book by contacting Quality Skifer Hotel via e-mail or calling +47 73 60 50 80 with booking-code RAMASKRIK. The hotel might be fully booked for non-festival guests, so please remember to inform them that you are participating at the festival!

Travelling to Oppdal

The easiest way to travel to Oppdal is by train, either from Oslo or from Trondheim. It is also possible to drive and you will find free parking easily accessible in Oppdal and around the festival venue. If you are a pilot, Oppdal has a small air strip, so flying in is always an option!


If you have any questions, send an email to Bente @ and she will help you the best she can.

Hope to see you in Oppdal!