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Filmjunkiene and Norwegian FX

Filmmaker and film blogger Aleksander U. Serigstad brings 2 projects to Ramaskrik!

Short Films at Ramaskrik 2019

These 7 shorts will be accompanying select features.

Complete Programme for Ramaskrik 2019

Moroccan monsters, a house renovation out of the ordinary, blood thirsty fish mutants, pacts with the Devil and creepy smalltown America: The final ingredients to the horror feast of RAMASKRIK 2019 are here! These 11 titles complete the festival programme of in total 27 films being screened in 4 terrifying days. Bon appetit!

World Premiere for Allodium

Severin Eskeland has previously made the movies Detour and Lust, which he presented a little taste of at Ramaskrik back in 2016. In addition he has directed a number of shorts, where we screened both Trick or treat and Homecoming in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Now we are very happy to present the world premiere of his latest film, the featurette Allodium.

Kim Newman is coming to Ramaskrik

We do not just invite filmmakers to Ramaskrik. This year, we are delighted to have one of the greatest British film critics on the guest list, Kim Newman himself! He will attend to festival to host  a conversation with Brian Yuzna.

Cold Prey in Høgvangparken

Oppdal has a new park, and Ramaskrik will give it a scary initiation. On Friday October 18, after dark, we’re showing the Norwegian classic Cold Prey beneath the autumn sky. The director himself, Roar Uthaug, will be there to introduce the screening.

Four new titles for Ramaskrik19

It looks like the summer of 2019 is over, and Ramaskrik’s programming team are putting the final touches to our festival program. We’re kicking off autumn by giving you four more of our titles!

“Lake of the Dead” opens Ramaskrik Film Festival

“Lake of the Dead” is this autumn's big Norwegian horror movie in theatres. The film will have its world premiere in Oppdal, as the Opening Film at the Ramaskrik Film Festival. Director Nini Bull Robsahm and lead actor Iben Akerlie will be present at the premiere on Thursday October 17th.

This year's Ramaskrik poster is here!

So here we are! The troll has come all the way down to the cinema to hang out with all of us. We suspected as much after last year's train ride down Drivdalen, but we can handle this. Let's make it even more scary and enjoyable inside the cinema so that the troll stays on the roof!

Five movies ready for Ramaskrik 19

We kick off the autumn with a magnificent movie release! Look forward to a sinister family reunion with Elijah Wood, a Brazilian splatter fest, an Australian twist on the slasher genre and a wonderful 40th anniversary!


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